Benefits of Pushup and Dips – for Bodyweight training systems.

What are the Benefits of the Pushup


What do we get ? we get A solid hard chest, horse shoe triceps and ripped abs and stronger lower backs and core muscles overall..

The result is Sky rocketing upper body power.

The pushup and its cousin the bodyweight dip offer all this and much more. If you had to choose only two exercises to perform these two would be the first half (the second being pull ups of course!)

The Push Up –

Remembering that over time we will discover the standard pushup , hands under the shoulders, the wide stance pushup, with the hands outside of the shoulder width and the closed pushup where the hands are almost of top of each other. Never mind the one handed pushup, the push with a clap, and so on.

fitness ball pushups

Keys to the Great Pushup:

1. Keep your body stiff and tight – including your abs.
2. Elbows at a forty five degree angle at the sides of your body.
3. Take a breath as you lower your chest to the floor.
4. Exhale as you press up.
5. Repeat.

Option for Box Pushups 

Raising the hands higher allows you to get a deeper chest position , increasing the work on the triceps and chest ares.


Points to consider for the pushup

  1. Always use correct technique , even to the point where if it starts to fail stop, and simply try to improve the quantity the next session its all about quality and not quantity.
  2. Engage Your Mind when completing the pushups – visualise your hands driving through the floor as you drive upwards with explosive power.
  3. Raise your feet off the ground higher than your body ( on a chair or fitness ball) this gives emphasis on the upper chest.
  4. Build the numbers daily – anything up to 100, 500 is normal for bodyweight training


The Dip ( or Dynamic Dips)

After pushups our next powerful chest, triceps and really total upper body builder is the dip. How we choose to do dips depends on our strength levels, conditioning and what we have in our surroundings to perform our dips on.

Best option is a Parallel Bar dip

parralell bar dips Parallel Bar Dips. The traditional dip that requires the most starting strength to begin training with. With your hands on two bars (or handles) you dip your entire body and press it back up using your upper body power.

Many school yards have parallel bars to dip from allowing you to train for free in the sun while forging a mighty upper body.


Second Easier Option is the reverse dip – ( Chair or bench, garden wall)


reverse dips chair

Chair Dips.

Putting your hands on a chair behind your back while your legs are extended and heels resting on the floor or a second chair (your body should be roughly “L” shaped when you finish )

This offers a much easier dip version for those who find full dips too difficult.


The Two Chair Dips

chair dips 2 chairs

Uses two chairs for the home or office and is simple to perform for anyone . legs as far out as possible – lower body straight and tight , hands facing forwards or back (your choice) Take the backside as low as you can go and then back up. Repeat : for a set number or to failure .