Leg Training Without Weights

Can we get legs of steel without weights

It is a fact that some of you have heard one of the claims that it’s impossible to build powerful and aesthetically pleasing looking legs without throwing half a ton on the leg press machine or squatting 200kg .

Well never mind what that type of continual pounding does to the knees. In fact ask anyone who has power lifted or follow exclusively heavy bodybuilding leg routines for over ten years if you don’t believe me.

I guarantee many of those lifters mention a knee surgery or two. The great news is that legs respond exceptionally well to high rep training Bodyweight methods.

Size, strength, endurance and shapeliness are all within reach doing the following bodyweight exercises alone.

Lets Look at a Few Leg Exercises used in Bodyweight training


Bodyweight Squat.

The foundation of your Bodyweight leg training routine.

Lock your fingers behind your head and drop glutes to the floor. Explode up. Repeat. Or simply place the right hand on the left shoulder and the left on the right in the example below. – Be sure to do yours at a pace you can manage. (probably not as slow as the video)

These are also often called prisoner squats for their popularity behind bars these will build true explosive leg power, flexibility and endurance too.

Aim for a few hundred a session. Some Bodyweight members use these as his full cardio workout and twenty to thirty minutes of Bodyweight Squats a day has left him ripped to the bone!  Easier than spending hundreds of dollars in a gym.


Bodyweight Lunges.

Lunge forward with one leg going as low as possible. Keeping the knee of your rear leg  close to touching the floor.

Step back to your original standing position and repeat with opposite leg. A good secondary movement to the Bodyweight Squat that can strengthen your glutes and cut up your quads even further. 



Bodyweight Side Lunges

It needs to be stated that the side lunge is a very effective lower body exercise that tones  and strengthens your quads, glutes and hamstrings.

At the same time  targeting both the inner and outer thighs. By moving in a side-to-side motion rather than the traditional lunge motion of forward and back, you are able to recruit your thigh muscles and at the same time improve both your balance and stability.

The Side Lunge is a great exercise to add to your bodyweight workouts to tone your lower body, improve your balance, and get leaner legs.

How To Do Side Lunges

Start by standing with legs slightly wider than shoulder-distance apart and toes pointed forward.

Shift your body weight to one leg bending the knee until it reaches a 90-degree angle and the other leg is straight.

Glutes are pressing back behind you. Return to center and switch sides.




Benefits Of Side Lunges

There are many reasons you should incorporate side lunges into your workouts. Here are just a few:

Work Your Outer Thighs

There are so many leg exercises available including dozens of different types of squats and just as many lunges. Side lunges are unique in the way they tone and shape your outer thighs, or abductors. Many people become frustrated with their outer thighs when it seems nothing works to eliminate those extra pockets of fat, or “saddlebags.” Side lunges will help decrease the appearance of saddlebags because they activate those outer thigh muscles directly.

Work Your Glutes

Although you are lunging sideways, the weight of your body is sitting back into your glutes. Side lunges help tone and shape your booty and give you a nice, strong and shapely backside. No saggy, flat butts here!

Improve Your Overall Balance And Stability

Since you are moving your body in a side-to-side motion rather than the traditional forward and back, you add muscle balance around the hip and knee joints, which helps you prevent possible future injuries. In addition to preventing future injuries, this is a back friendly exercise because this lower body workout requires you to keep your back straight and your chest lifted.

Toe Raises and heel drop

Stand on stairs or box – Note that this can be done using both legs or one leg depending on the strength of your calf muscles, and your awhiles tendons. ( It is often said that we should do more of this exercise on the week leg than the strong ) .

Main point is to keep the toe portion of the foot on the step or box and from the centre back hanging over the edge.

       Single Leg Calf Raise

    single leg raises for bodyweight training

Raise up on tip of your toes engaging your calf muscle. Drop down as far as possible with the heel lower than the box/step, ( This stretches both the calves and the achilles) . Repeat. When finished switch legs and do the same amount of reps. Excellent calf and achilles builder when couple with toe point variations:

Varying the position of the toe tends to engage the internet and external muscles of the calf. So try this by pointing the toe out for a set and then inwards for a set. Gauge the difference and the benefit.

           Double Leg Calf Raise

double leg raises for bodyweight training


Jumping Jacks.

I am sure that you will remember these as a kid ? Use jumping jacks as both a leg builder and cardio tool.Rather than completing a specific number of reps, set an alarm clock for a certain time and try to beat it at each session.( 40 in 60 seconds or more)

Don’t be surprised when your body fat quickly melts away as your lower body gets more toned and stronger.


Those old gym teachers in physical education class seem to have had much more actionable knowledge than they often are given credit for… they always had you doing Jumping Jacks for PE Right! further proof that in the field of strength and conditioning newer is not always better.


Lets Look at the add on bodyweight exercises 

Consider these variations as time goes on to improve both your legs and to assist in specifically improving the weaker leg. ( we all have one)

Single leg Squats – floor and raise platform

Stand with your feet pointed straight ahead and placed hip-width apart. Lift your chest, tuck in your chin and place your hands on your hips. Contract your glutes and balance on one leg as you lift the other leg directly beside the balance leg. Squat as if sitting into a chair, keeping your knees in line with your toes and hold the bottom position for a few seconds. Slowly return to the starting position.


Now lets look at a raised box Single leg squat

We can use a step, a bench in the local park , a wooden box ( more exercises for the box later including dips etc)

Resistance Band Training

Bodyweight Training and Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are made of solid, slim rubber, and come in a variety of resistances depending on the thickness of the band themselves

It needs to be stated that depending upon your health and fitness degree. Which of the resistance bands you will need, given that you can do nearly any type of strength training workout– upper body presses, rows, shoulder presses, tricep extensions, bicep curls, and even bows– without the demand for hefty weights simply using the resistance bands.

Never used Resistance Bands before

If you’ve never attempted resistance bands, or you’re brand-new to them, you might be stunned at just how much advantage you can obtain from what is basically a strengthened rubber band, however as is frequently the case, the easiest tools are frequently the absolute best for your health.

With Resistance Bands You will find that they are:

Extremely Cost-Effective— Resistance bands are inexpensive and also can be bought for under $30. Much more are the considerable kits, which might consist of DVDs and various other workout devices, can be discovered for under $50,

Adaptable for Multiple Fitness Levels-– Whether you’re a novice or a specialist, resistance bands are for you. They are available in a range of resistances, including light, medium and also heavy, and you can additionally change the intensity of your resistance-band workouts by keeping the band basically slack. You can also use several bands simultaneously to raise the overall resistance

Used with Familiar Exercises– You can commonly use familiar training exercises with resistance bands, which indicates you don’t need to learn a difficult new routine. For example, change the resistance band and you can change the weight or resistance you use for arms curls, or can raise the intensity of your push-ups.

Whole-Body Workouts— Resistance bands can be utilized for an extensive, full-body exercise that tests virtually every significant muscle mass team in your body.

Superb for Taking a trip– Resistance bands are light-weight and conveniently portable. You can stash them in your traveling bag when taking a trip and also utilize them to get an excellent workout right in your hotel space.

Include Variety– Your muscle mass swiftly adapts to motions you do often, which is why adding selection to your workouts is vital for testing your muscle mass. Resistance bands can be rotated with weights and also workout equipments for recurring selection.

(Comment: Watch the video below to learn more about why we believe that using Resistance Bands can benefit you )

They Can Be Integrated with Other Devices-– Resistance bands are so flexible that you can even utilize them along with weights, enabling you to obtain the advantages of two kinds of exercises simultaneously.

Some of the Exercises you can Do With Resistance Bands

Squats: While standing with your feet at shoulder width distance, hold the manages of the bands making use of both hands and also extend it up to carry degree. Do a complete squat however stop your hands from moving. Do this gradually, after that stand back up, and also repeat the exact same routine.

– Bent Over Rows: Put your left or appropriate foot on the band while the various other foot is maintained at the back. Slowly bend ahead till you are at 45-degree angle placement. Gradually pull the band approximately the level of your waist while your arm joints are kept in. Proceed with the rowing motion while you are pressing your shoulders. Go back to your beginning position and also do the exact same using the other foot.

– Horizontal Chest Press: While lying with your back on the band, take both ends of it and also hold it in. Slowly elevate your left or ideal hand towards the ceiling and afterwards bring it down slowly. Repeat the exact same movement using the various other hand.

– Biceps Curl: While standing on the band, hold both finishes using your hands. Gradually huddle your hands in the direction of your shoulders. Ensure that both elbows are bent backwards. Keep the placement for a number of minutes prior to going back to your starting setting and duplicating the very same routine.

– Vertical Chest Press: Get a chair, affix the band to it, and after that depend on the band while your back is dealing with the chair. Take both ends of the band using your hands and after that progressively expand both hands outwards. Bring your return to its beginning position and also repeat the very same treatment.

– Overhead Press: Stand over the facility of a tube band with feet shoulder-width apart. Hold each deal with, placing your hands at shoulder level with hands facing each other so your thumbs touch your shoulders. Press directly, rotating your hands onward as you completely extend your arms. Lower back down gradually and also repeat.

– Overhead Triceps Extension: Sit on a chair or bench, putting the facility of a tube band below your glutes. Get hold of a manage in each hand, as well as stretch your arms up, bending your arm joints to ensure that your hands are positioned behind your neck. With palms toward the ceiling, press your arms directly till they fully prolong. Lower pull back and repeat prior to switching over sides.

Try Super Slow Movements with Your Resistance-Band Workout

Ultimately, if you want to take your toughness training up a notch, attempt super-slow weightlifting, which in fact produces a lot of the very same health and wellness benefits as high-intensity period training, which is a vital facet of my Peak Fitness program.

These 2 kinds of exercise might in the beginning appear to be too hard Try — super-slow versus high-intensity– but the combination of slowing down your lifts and also lifting to failure transforms it into a high-intensity exercise that generates a cascade of metabolic adjustments that improve your muscle toughness as well as physical fitness level.

Simply drop by the Bodyweight Shop and grab a couple of Resistance Bands

What is Bodyweight training

What is Bodyweight training

Bodyweight workouts are strength training exercises that do not call for us of exercising weights or devices as the person’s own body weight offers resistance versus gravity.

It is acknowledged that bodyweight exercises could enhance a variety of biomotor abilities including strength, power, endurance, speed, adaptability, sychronisation and balance.This type  of strength training has actually grown in popularity for both recreational as well as expert athletes, with a variety of sports techniques making use of bodyweight resistance training as part of their fitness programs. Bodyweight training makes use of straightforward capabilities such as pressing, pulling, crouching, flexing, benting as well as stabilizing.

Motions such as the push-up, the pull-up, and the sit-up are some of one of the most common bodyweight exercises.


Bodyweight exercises are the excellent choice for people that want fitness yet do not have accessibility to equipment, since they do not require weights or specialist machinery.

While some exercises might call for some kind of equipment, the majority of bodyweight exercises require none. For those workouts that do need tools, common things found in the household are generally adequate (such as a bath towel for towel curls), or substitutes could usually be improvisated (for instance, using a horizontal tree branch to do bring up).

As a result, bodyweight workouts are a great option when travelling or on holiday, when access to a gym or specialist devices might not be possible. Another benefit of bodyweight training is that there are no costs included, such as fitness center membership charges.

A lot of bodyweight workouts can be proceeded or fallen back to match the person’s capabilities. This progression/regression approach permits individuals of nearly all levels of fitness to take part.

Some fundamental approaches to enhance or decrease the difficulty of a bodyweight exercise, without including additional weight, are: altering the quantity of leverage in an exercise (such as boosting the feet for a conventional push-up, or carrying out the push-up with knees on the ground), doing the exercise on an unpredictable system (such as carrying out push-ups on a basketball).

In addition modifying the series of activity in an exercise (such as squatting to a 45 level angle as opposed to a 90 level angle), including independent activities rather than reciprocal movements (such as carrying out a one-armed push-up), as well as including isometric stops briefly throughout the exercise (such as holding for a few secs at the bottom of a push-up).

Gymnasts make extensive use of isometrics by doing a lot of their training with straight arms (such as iron crosses, bars, as well as planches). When compared with weight lifting, bodyweight exercises usually need a lot more adaptability and equilibrium.

Bodyweight workouts have a far reduced risk of injury compared with utilizing exercising weights and makers due to the lack of an external lots that is placing stress on the muscle mass that they may or might not have the ability to deal with.

However, the lower danger of injury is only offered that the athlete/trainee is advancing via the proper progressions and not promptly missing to strenuous movements that can put unnecessary and perhaps hazardous tension on ligaments, tendons, and also various other cells.

Although landeding on the head, chest, buttocks, as well as falling in reverse could happen, these are far less harmful injuries compared to going down a weight on a body part, or having actually a joint prolonged beyond its all-natural series of motion because of a weight being utilized incorrectly.

Bodyweight exercises likewise provide the benefit of having minimal bulking as well as cutting needs that are generally utilised in barbell as well as devices training.

This results from bulking bringing added fat that decreases the performance of bodyweight workouts, thus bodyweight exercises not just remove the demand for a bulking or reducing stage, yet it could assist an individual keep a reduced body fat percent all the time.

Bodyweight exercises also function a number of muscle mass groups at once, because of the lack of seclusion and the demand of a big majority of muscles to do a movement effectively.

For instance, in a pushup, the body should form an inflexible straight line, and the elbow joint must move from a straight angle to the tiniest angle possible, and also therefore the core muscles, chest muscular tissues, triceps muscles, and also legs are all involved in guaranteeing proper, rigorous type.


As bodyweight workouts utilize the individual’s very own weight to supply the resistance for the activity, the weight being lifted is never higher than the weight of one’s own body.

This could make it tough to achieve a level of strength that is near the individual’s one representative maximum, which is desirable for strength training. One more downside is that bodyweight training might be intimidating to beginners and attended be also simple for knowledgeable athletes.

Women, generally, additionally discover it more difficult to do bodyweight exercises involving top body strength and also could be inhibited from taking on these exercises in their fitness regimes.

Bodyweight workouts can be enhanced in intensity by consisting of extra weights (such as using a weighted vest or holding a barbell, kettlebell, sandbell or plate during a sit up), however this deviates from the general facility that bodyweight workouts depend exclusively on the weight of the specific to provide resistance.

However, difficulty can be added by transforming the take advantage of, which places even more emphasis on specific limbs and also muscles, e.g. a one legged squat works a leg far more powerful compared to a 2 legged squat, which not only requires strength yet advancing to a one legged squat builds strength in the process. The same can be seen with one arm push-ups, bring up, as well as lots of other exercises.

Problem can likewise be included by boosting volume, adding quickness to the activities, or decreasing the activity to increase time under tension.

Bodyweight exercise for older grownups

Some bodyweight exercises have been shown to benefit not just the young, however the elderly too. Older individuals embarking on bodyweight workouts profit through boosted muscle mass, enhanced flexibility, raised bone density, reduced clinical depression and boosted sleep behaviors.

It is likewise thought that bodyweight training might aid in decreasing and even protecting against cognitive decrease as people age. In addition, the boosted danger of falls seen in elderly individuals can be alleviated by bodyweight training. Exercises focusing on the legs and also abdomen such as squats, lunges and also step ups are recommended to raise leg and also core strength as well as, in doing so, reduce autumn threat.

These bodyweight workouts are more effective to utilizing specialist gym equipment as they provide multi-directional motion that resembles daily tasks.