Guy Leech Suspension Training System


Low Cost to start getting fit in 2019


Guy Leech Suspension Trainer System

When we reviewed the Guy Leach Suspension training system we did so by buying one of the packages , This is a simple to use, simple to assemble and light and easy method of avoiding spending over $100 on other types of suspension training systems.

guy leech suspension trainer

We found the system to be low cost – and worth it value

  • It is Lightweight, compact and portable
  • Anchors conveniently to a door
  • Carries its own extender to anchor outdoors , a tree park facilities , golf posts, rugby posts ( where we use it)

Used properly this will allow you to complete the Basic Exercises we recommend for rugby players , and also the intermediate exercises we use as a group –

It will Strengthen your core and all major muscle groups. The Suspension Training Package includes a Training DVD to personally guide you through different exercises.  Training guide wall poster. 30 tips booklet. Plus it Includes a simple Carry bag.


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