Suspension Training How to Exercise Cards by Stack 52. for TRX

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How to Exercise Cards by Stack 52. for TRX Suspension Training 

You know a few workouts for your suspension trainer, yet you’re tired doing the very same workout.

suspension stack 52 cards

We developed Suspension Heap 52 for you. We put one of the most efficient suspension workouts on matched as well as phoned number playing cards.

Deal yourself an exercise or play a Suspension Heap 52 Game like Fit Poker or Bullshit with your friends and have the moment of your life entering the best shape of your life.

· Fit Texas hold’em: Utilizes poker policies, however players bet and also do exercises rather than chips!

· Bullshit: Policies are the very same as the timeless card video game, but if you get caught existing; you do the exercises on the cards you choose up!


Regarding Stack 52 and Sergeant Volkin

Our objective is to make exercise fun as well as obtainable for every person. Be sure to understand the Basic Elements of the Suspension Training 

Sergeant Volkin has a master’s level in science, has authored 5 publications, and also has over two decades of fitness experience. The United States Army granted Sergeant Volkin a medal for the physical fitness programs he created for the soldiers. Pile 52 workout video games have been marketed in over 24 nations.


What’s in package:

Suspension Stack 52 consists of 55 cards. There are 8 shades with each shade representing the dominate muscle team functioned.

· 11 Leg exercises (TRI Load: 18)

· 5 Arm exercises (TRI Pack: 13)

· 5 Breast exercises (TRI Load: 15)

· 3 Shoulder workouts (TRI Load:8)

· 6 Back exercises (TRI Pack: 11)

· 12 Core workouts (TRI Pack: 26)

· 4 Cardio exercises (TRI Pack: 10)

· 6 Full body workouts (TRI Pack: 18)

· 2 Instructional Cards (TRI Pack: 4)

1 Wild Card (TRI Load: 2)




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