Suspension Training for Rugby Players – Intermediate levels

Having completed the Basics of Suspension training rugby players should now move forward to the more complicated exercises included here – These are designed to improve the overall fitness levels of Youth Rugby Players and those that can not or do not use a weight training facility. Suspension or TRX training can be used as a weight free training program


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TRX Training for Rugby Players

TRX Training is Bodyweight training at its best

TRX Training Extreme 

TRX Training is all about how to use suspension training ( equipment) to train and tone your body to its best possible shape. 

The TRX suspension trainer is a piece of workout equipment which took an easy idea that can be utilized for complex and ambitious exercises and workouts. The trx suspension trainer itself is 2 six or seven foot super heavy nylon strips with handles and straps at the end. trx training systems

Basic TRX training

Each side of the system is of an adjustable length and the handles are soft foam which allows for a great grip which is obviously crucial if it’s supporting your body weight. In all truth, you ought to be more worried of the support you have your TRX attached too breaking up than the TRX itself. 

The TRX training system lets you perform bodyweight workouts for your whole body anywhere you can attach the system too.

It’s a small and compact system which you are able to take with you any where you travel too.  Allowing you to start beginner workouts with a few exercises, up to the elevated heavier workouts which is why the TRX is popular with many of the wrestling and fighter gymnasiums. 

The TRX suspension training system was formulated by a member of the military who was tired of not having access to workout equipment or space in which to execute exercises for his entire body while overseas. You do not have to have a deficit of space or be half way across the Earth to utilize the TRX correctly 

While there are a few exercises which the newbie can start with, the better you are with the trainer and the fitter you get. The more you are able to upgrade the types and method of exercise, that you can achieve. 

It should be stated that the field of suspension training is a type of resistance training/strength training that includes bodyweight workouts in which an assortment of multi-planar, compound exercise motions can be performed. These are done with the aim of developing strength, balance, flexibility , and joint stability all at the same time. 

Bodyweight exercises are strength training exercises

Great statement however it is true that bodyweight exercises are those that don’t call for free weights; the practitioner’s own weight supplies the resistance for the movement. Movements like the push-up, the pull-up, squares, lunges and splits along with sit-ups are a few of the most common bodyweight exercises. 

As a whole, increasing the amount of repetitions when completing TRX training will focus on better endurance, while strength gains are made with increasing the intensity of the exercise with decreasing leverage and working at the ends of range of motion. 

Using the TRX System Correctly

The TRX systems help us to train the seven fundamental human movements (Squat, Lunge, Bend, Push, Pull, Rotate, Gait) with countless amount of variations

suspension trainers

Setting Up the TRX Suspension Trainer

The TRX system is designed to be utilized in virtually any place. The system hangs from the ceiling or form the back of a door, even the child’s playground that the local council may have installed, (test it first) and calls for no previously installed hook. You may likewise buy a separate attachment system that holds the trainer system up, if you’re working out in an outside area or where there is not a proper ceiling to utilize. 

To set up the trainer, you need to firmly attach the connector at the ceiling. ( or form its attachment) Hang the trainer system from that connector. You might have to adjust the height of the trainer, depending on the distance from the ceiling to the floor. You may even have to adjust the length of each arm of the trainer to your specific fitting.

The greatest safety concern with the TRX system is that the system itself be totally attached to the fixture point whether that be the ceiling or an attachment. Take heed to test the system before you put your full bodyweight on it. 

If exercising with the TRX Suspension Trainer, make certain not to overstrain any of your muscles. Move your body in fixed patterns and be really aware of your range of motion. Overextension is among the most common forms of injury with this system, but it’s easily avoidable.. ultimate trx training system

Prior to beginning the physical exercise, you should warm up your arms and shoulders and then execute a full stretching routine. 

TRX Exercise Programs.

There are any number of trx exercise programs that you can try, there are even exercise cards available (see below for examples) that show you the best methods of using the suspension trainers. We will outline some of the best exercises on the next few pages  for your benefit. (go here)