TRX Basic Training systems for Rugby and Contact Sports

TRX Training Basic to the Extreme

As stated previously TRX Training is all about how to use suspension training (equipment) to train and tone your body to its best possible shape. 

How you train – work, volume, frequency, form, and so forth. – is far more crucial than the equipment you utilize, or whether you utilize equipment at all. That being stated, there are major differences between training with bodyweight only as per previous articles or whether you like me tend towards easy equipment that can be used at home or away.

Lets Look at TRX Training Basic Exercises.

Start with the Basic 3 exercises and their variations

CHEST PRESS – ( our version of the bench press )

trx chest press TRX Basic Chest Press
Grab the handles (not the loops) and face away from the anchor point with your feet shoulder width apart. Extend your arms straight in front of your chest ( same width) and walk back a few steps so your body leans forward. Keeping your body straight, bend your arms to lower your chest until your upper arms are parallel to the floor. Pause for 5 seconds ; push yourself back up.

Variation 1: Walk your feet farther back

Variation 2: Lift one foot off the floor.

Basic TRX Row 

trx rowing

Basic Row Positions

Grab the handles and face the anchor point with your feet shoulder width apart standing vertical.

Straighten your arms out in front of you and walk your feet forward a few steps so your body leans back. You will be able to judge the distance you walk forward based on your existing strength and ability to hold your weight . Keeping your body straight, pull your chest to the handles. Pause, and return to the starting position. (Tighten your abs, and flutes )

Variation: Simply walk you feet further forward over time as you get stronger and fitter.


Basic Suspension Squats 


trx squats


Basic TRX Squat
Use the same starting position as the TRX row, but instead of extending your arms in front of you, hold them at 90-degree angles with your elbows by your sides and the handles at chest level;

This will place a light tension on the straps. Push your hips back and lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor. As noted drop your weight back on your heels .= Hold the position for 5 seconds

Reverse the move to return to the starting position.

Variation: To gain more from this – Squat on one leg with the other held out in front of you off the ground


Sets and Reps: Recommendation are that you try and perform – 5 of each at your first session – Follow this by increasing each exercise by 2 to 3 reps each session , over time assuming 2 session=s a week you will get you to 30 reps ( 29 actually) at the week 6 mark by which time you should start adding additional exercises as laid down in the next few pages